(48 mos. – 5 yrs.)

The Pre-K Classroom is for children 4 to 5 years old, who will be entering Kindergarten the next fall. Our goal is to have them ready as they head off to school, armed with all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in Kindergarten. The ratio of this group is 1 teacher for every 11 children.You will find that the Pre-K Classrooms is set up with distinct learning centers around the room. Children are given opportunities daily to choose a center to play in which interests them. Learning centers include, but are not limited to: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Math, Science, Art, Reading and Sensory. Teachers may rotate materials into the centers or offer a special center option based on what the children are learning about at that time.
Classroom Schedule

6:30-8:15     Breakfast/Limited Learning Centers

8:15–8:45     Morning Snack

8:45–9:00     Gathering Routines

9:00–9:20      Morning Meeting

9:20–10:10     Learning Centers

10:10–10:15    Clean Up Time

10:15 –10:30   Circle Time

10:30–10:40   Story Time

10:40–11:10     Small Groups/Exploration

11:10–11:15      Clean Up Time

11:15–12:00    Outside Play

12:00–12:45    Lunch

12:45–1:00      Bible

1:00– 3:00      Nap Time

3:00–3:40      Learning Activity

3:40–4:00      Afternoon Snack

4:00–4:05     Clean Up Time

4:05–5:00      Outside Play

5:00– 6:00     Free Play
The children wash their hands when they come come to school, before after and after mealtimes, after using the restroom, and when they come in form the playground.
 The children are free to use the bathroom when needed and encouraged to go before outside play and nap time.
Ms. Melissa

Mrs. Cynthia