(24 mos. – 36 mos.)

This classroom is for children aged 2 to 3 years, the ratio in this room is 1 teacher to 10 children. The children start to work on more recognition of colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Each day is full of engaging songs, stories, art and playtime that is planned with your child’s developmental needs in mind. Activities and interactions between teachers and children promote expanding their vocabulary. Children begin to learn skills such as sharing and taking turns. When you and your child are ready it is in this room that the teacher will work with you to help potty train your child.

Classroom Schedule
6:30-8:00     Arrival/Breakfast/Free Play
8:00-8:45     Wash Hands/Snack/Diapers/Potty
8:45-9:00     Wash Hands/Clean Up
9:00-9:15      Circle Time/Bible
9:15-9:30       Diapers/Potty
9:30-10:15     Outside Play
10:15-10:30    Wash Hands/Diapers/Potty
10:30-11:00    Art/Learning
11:00-11:15      Wash Hands/Get Ready for Lunch
11:15-11:45      Lunch
11:45-12:00    Wash Hands
12:00-12:30    Story Time/Diapers/Potty
12:30-300      Naptime
3:00-3:45      Wash Hands/Diapers/Potty/Snack
3:45-4:45      Wash Hands/Diapers/Potty/Free                          Play
4:45-5:30      Outside Play
5:30-6:00      Wash Hands/Diapers/Potty/Free                          Play
Diapers are checked throughout the day and changed when needed,
Ms. Helen